Arun Plus TMT bars are made by the 'Quenching & Tempering' process (Q&T) using German technology. Hot steel billets are reduced in size through a sequence of rolling stands, which progressively reduces the billet to the final size and shape of the reinforcement bar. In the Q&T process, hot rolled finished steel bars are given thermo- mechanical treatment over three successive stages of quenching, self-tempering and atmospheric cooling. This ensures an exceptional steel core formation.

Quenching & Tempering Process
Raw Material Charing (Sponge Iron)
1. Raw Material Charing (Sponge Iron)
Molten Metal
2. Molten Metal
Quality Test
3. Quality Test
4. Billets
Rolling of Billets
5. Rolling of Billets
Final TMT Bar
6. Final TMT Bar
Tensile Strength Check
7. Tensile Strength Check
TMT Bar Storage
8. TMT Bar Storage
Quality Assurance Test


Quality Assurance at each stage of production from raw material purchase to finished goods handling ensures that the prescribed tests and inspections are strictly adhered to. The TMT Bars are then delivered as per the agreed specifications/norms of quality.